HONEYMOON WITH MOM aired on Lifetime Television
Starring Shelley Long, Virginia Williams and Jack Scalia


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Shannon (Virginia Williams) has dreamed of the perfect wedding all her life. But when her fiance, Jack (Edward Finlay) leaves her at the altar, her estranged mother, Marla (Shelly Long), the workaholic head of one of the finest magazines in LA suggests to Shannon to go on her honeymoon anyway - with Marla - to engage in some much needed mother-daughter bonding. Shannon is dubious. Her mother, though she raised Shannon on her own after Shannon's father left, hasn't always been the most maternal (she missed Shannon's graduation in favor of a business lunch). Though wary, Shannon reluctantly agrees to the vacation. Marla has ulterior motives, however, as the honeymoon is based in Blue Moon Bay, a Caribbean resort owned by ex-astronaut Nick Tercel (Jack Scalia), and Nick is the interview Marla needs for her latest cover story.

Once checked into the resort, Marla meets Nick and, over dinner, secretly tapes their conversation for her magazine article. When it is discovered what she is doing, both Nick and Shannon are deeply disappointed. Determined to make things right with her daughter, Marla destroys the tape, gives up the niceties of home in order to 'rough it', and starts to reconnect with her daughter.

Completely surprised by this change in attitude, Shannon nevertheless begins to embrace it, and begins to appreciate her mother. Even Nick begins to warm up to her again. But when Jack suddenly shows up, intent on winning Shannon back, he tells her that he can take her to her long lost father. When long-buried truths about her parents come to the surface, Shannon will realize that perhaps Marla wasn't as horrible a parent than she always thought, and that she's more like her mother than she ever expected - a fact she wouldn't change for the world.


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