Shay Hunter is a nervous breakdown in the making. She is a twenty-five year old grad student who has hit rock bottom; asked to leave school by her counselor, about to be evicted and carrying baggage that would break the back of the strongest of women. Home is the last place Shay wants to be, but she has no choice. She has spent the last few years distancing herself from Tacoma, Washington and her past.

Raised by an alcoholic, Shay finds it hard to forgive her mother's past neglect but that is exactly what her mother is asking--forgiveness. Shay returns to find her mother has made a transformation. Nona is now an employed homeowner replete with Martha Stewart living, a healthy lifestyle and a flower and herb garden. She is also the mother of another daughter, five-year old Sunshine. Shay watches as her mother is the epitome of motherhood as she dotes on Sunshine, something that was lacking when Shay was a child.

Shay has even more issues, that need fixing; she has a nervous habit of pulling out her hair, she is socially inept and her background is such that she guards against getting close to people. Shay gets a job in a record shop, reconnects with the only friend she has ever had and begins to navigate through her issues to reclaim her sanity and find balance. She is forced to step outside of herself as she begins dating, forges new ties, and begins the journey of repairing the most fragile of all relationships, that of mother and daughter.


ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY - "As a reformedalcoholic mother trying to reconnect with her tightly wound emotionally stunted daughter, Jill Scott (HBO’s‘The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency’) delivers a performance that makes you forget you knew her as a singer.”

NATIONAL ENQUIRER - "With great acting all around, including Mimi Rogers as Nona's sponsor, this adaptation of Carleen Brice's novel, Orange Mint and Honey is one dramatic powerhouse of a TV movie.It'd be a sin to miss it!"

TV GUIDE - "The only thing Jill Scott is guilty of here is giving a powerful and moving performance."

THE READER - “Scott is a powerhouse as Nona, the mother in recovery from alcoholism. Beharie is intense as Shay, the resentful daughter.There are some small, closely observed moments, too, like in the prayer garden where Nona and Shay surrender their fears. It all rings true and cathartic. Director Paul A. Kaufman makes Nona’s house and garden charged characters.”

NEW YORK POST - "...this sob-sister scenario jumps the fence from the other run-of-the-mills."

"Scott, memorable in HBO's "The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency," manages to morph easily from Precious into Nona here. Her big future on the small screen is assured."

The Kaufman Company 2013