12 DATES OF CHRISTMAS is currently being developed at The Hallmark Channel
Duane Poole is writing the screenplay.

It will air Christmas 2018.


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A woman longing to rediscover the wonder of Christmas meets a man with the key -- actually, 12 of them -- to unlocking the magic.  Inspired by “The 12 Days of Christmas”, a successful, charismatic children’s author convinces a female publishing exec he can restore her seasonal spirit in 12 dates.  His prize if it works?  A book deal.  In the process, she learns to stop and smell the poinsettias, he learns to trust someone else with his heart -- and this unlikely pair finds unexpected romance under the mistletoe.


SARAH, a sincere, young exec at a Boston publishing house, wants to believe again.  A series of disappointing Christmases has left her too serious, overworked, and longing to rediscover the magic. 
Enter her total opposite: outgoing, charismatic JOSH, a successful author/illustrator who’s come to sell a cheery holiday book.  Sarah can’t relate, sorry.  As happy carolers serenade the corporate halls and she closes the door on Josh’s pitch and “The 12 Days of Christmas”, the writer gets an idea.
Later that day, a “partridge in a pear tree” arrangement arrives on Sarah’s desk along with a surprising offer from Josh.  “Give me 12 chances to show you what Christmas is all about.”  If by their final outing she’s still immune to the magic of the holiday, he will never bother her again.  But if his plan works, she'll publish his book.  Though she says no at first, Sarah realizes in the loneliness of her late-night office that something is missing -- and maybe sort-of-cute, sort-of-annoying Josh can help her find it after all.
What follows is a succession of classic holiday experiences: concerts, snowmen, shopping, Santa, donating time to a shelter, a family dinner.  Some of them are comically disastrous, since the two couldn't be more different.  But some of them are touching.  And unexpectedly romantic. And, despite a setback or two along the way, Sarah finally reconciles her past disappointments and looks forward to this Christmas for the first time in years...with a new man at her side to share the magic.


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